WHO:   This program is for transition-age youth (ages 18-20) with mental health needs exiting or with a history of being at Santa Rita jail. Youth may be referred by the Court Advocacy Project, public defenders, jail staff, or themselves.  Program staff, including Youth Development Clinicians and Youth Advocates, will partner with youth to achieve safety in their community, to restore and strengthen connection to supportive family, and to develop resilience as they identify and achieve goals toward realizing healthy, productive lives.

WHAT:  Refocus staff  offer clinical and intensive case management services including comprehensive assessment and treatment planning, link to benefits and resources, individual and group rehabilitation services focusing on familial and community integration, independent living skills, symptom management, empowerment and advocacy skills, collaboration with probation and courts, support in pursuing educational and vocational goals, and discharge planning. This program is uniquely designed to support youth in increasing functioning and accessing strengths, with special attention to family, educational, and vocational functioning and safety. Refocus seeks to foster the development and achievement of personal goals, an increase in functional relationships and increase in positive connection to family, decrease in trauma-related symptomology,  and increase in adaptive coping strategies. We are interested in diversion for our young people.

WHEN:  Participants will be referred by CAP and Refocus staff will connect with the youth in jail, prior to release, or prior to sentencing, to begin engagement, assessment, and plan development. Upon release, participants will meet regularly with staff to receive individual, family, and group services.

WHERE:   Refocus staff will provide services throughout the community or at the BAYC office (located at 22245 Main Street, Suite 200; Hayward, CA).

WHY:   Our intended impact is to reduce or eliminate time spent incarcerated, reduce recidivism and to decrease homelessness or housing instability, decrease domestic violence, reduce harm from substance use, mitigate the negative impact of intergenerational trauma, and increase community safety. Services are designed to aid participants, at a critical life point, to realign with families and communities, to access their internal strengths and resources, to change directions and transition into a healthy, successful adult life.

HOW:   Refocus staff engage clients using a trauma-informed, strengths-based youth development approach. Services incorporate CBT, DBT, Motivational Interviewing, WRAP and the Seeking Safety Model (tailored to PTSD and Substance Misuse).

CONTACT INFO:  Satwinder Mahabir, Director of Mental Health Services, phone: 925.719.6106, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Interested in referring someone? Fill out this form and send to the BAYC Intake Coordinator, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or Fax: 510-727-9405. We accept incomplete forms.

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