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Group Home Program

Esser House is a co-ed Rate Classification Level (RCL) 12 group home located in Hayward, California. This residential program is a six-bed facility that serves youth ages 15-19.

Esser House provides youth in congregate care foster placement with an opportunity to develop skills that support a more positive outcome after transition from out-of-home placement. At Esser House we follow a youth development and strengths-based approach. We believe that every youth has the capacity to be successful. We involve every youth in every phase of their development.

BAYC also provides mental health services to youth to begin a process of recovery from the traumas and experiences that led them into foster care. Esser House has a long history of competent and affirming work with LGBTQ identified youth.

The primary goal of the Esser House program is to prepare vulnerable youth for adult life by helping them acquire the skills and competency needed to make independent and informed plans for their future. Esser House provides a safe and supportive environment for youth to obtain an education, practice daily living skills, address personal issues, improve social skills, develop family support, and prepare for independent living.

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