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Transitional Housing Placement Program


BAYC offers THPP and THP+FC services. Real Alternatives for Adolescents (RAFA), is a structured, supportive independent living program for qualified, dependent foster and probation youth ages 16-20.

The program provides a safe environment so that participants may practice the skills necessary to be successfully independent. Participants live in scattered or single-site apartments with regular assistance provided by a support team. Youth are given opportunities to use independent living skills such as budgeting, paying bills, balancing checkbooks, grocery shopping, cooking, housekeeping, living with a roommate and searching for employment. Participants are encouraged to take responsibility for their lives in as many domains as possible and to develop goals for the vision of their future. They receive coaching and daily opportunities to practice these skills with the support of program staff.

The program draws on evidence-based, evidence-informed and other practices to support the progress of the youth in the program. Crisis intervention and emergency support is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

To submit an application:
Youth aged 16 - 20 and who are under the supervision of the juvenile court are eligible to apply to BAYC's transitional housing program. To submit an application, download and complete the appropriate form below and fax it to the attention of Intake Coordinator at 510-727-9405.

RAFA THPP (ages16-18) application form (PDF)

RAFA THP+FC (ages 18-20) application form (PDF)

BAYC provides THP+ services through its participation in the Next Steps Collaborative (NSC). NSC is a joint project of: BAYC, Beyond Emancipation, First Place for Youth, Abode Services and Fred Finch. NSC provides affordable housing and comprehensive support services to emancipated youth ages 18-23 years. Housing options include scattered site apartments, community housing and host housing. The program serves to bridge the gap between foster care and self-sustained independence by offering financial assistance, case management, educational and vocational supports, life skills training, and clinical services.

To submit an application:
Youth aged 18 - 23 and who have emancipated directly from the foster care or probation systems are eligible to apply to NSC. To submit an application, download and complete this form and fax it to the attention of Intake Coordinator at 510-727-9405.

NSC THP+ Application Form (PDF)

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